MFM Updates

Get great bonuses on the site with cassino brasil. Limited offer. Yes, it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from Musicians for Michiana. This is a bit of an off year – the South Bend Symphony is engrossed in the search for a new Music Director, and that search has occupied most of our active members’ active time and all of our Symphony Weekends.  My guess is that we’ll resume serious concerts next season.

All of us are feeling the need to reach out now, in this post-election anxiousness, in this transitional, frightening time.  And no one has time.  It’s hard to put together a concert that is substantial enough to feel like it makes a difference. It takes time, and care, and energy, and everyone is pulled in multiple directions right now.  We want to come back to giving real performances with meaningful organizations.  That’s the goal.  Musicians for Michiana is not dead, it’s just resting.

But here’s what we did – three MFM regulars (Rachel Goff, Jameson Cooper, and Jennet Ingle) played Christmas carols at the Center for the Homeless this weekend.  We were blown away by our warm reception, and by the beautiful community space they have.  We are certainly looking ahead to a future collaboration there!

And…*ahem, cough, cough* MFM founder Jennet Ingle released a CD this month! Music That SHOULD Have Been Written for the Oboe is available now at iTunes, CDBaby, and Amazon, and at  She’ll have a CD release event at Merriman’s Playhouse on January 23 – watch for details.

And MFM regulars Jason Gresl and Lara Turner are hard at work and will have a concert on January 22 (with Jennet Ingle and Lana Wordel) – details HERE.

So we are active. And we care. Stay with us, we’re not going anywhere!


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