Do Not Fear the 21st Century Oboe Music

This May 7, the South Bend Symphony Orchestra will feature me, Jennet Ingle, in Christopher Rouse’s Oboe Concerto. Composed in 2004, it is a great showpiece for the oboe and for the orchestra, and you shouldn’t dream of missing it. Coming up on April 10, though, is your opportunity to hear a preview of this spectacular piece, along with other oboe favorites by Vivaldi, Bozza, and John Williams.

I’ve given two performances of this recital program already, and gotten very positive feedback.  People seem to enjoy hearing about the relationship of Vivaldi’s early Concerto form to Rouse’s 21st Century work.  I love getting to share my favorite aspects of the piece with the audience in an intimate setting where I can speak informally and take questions and present great music.

I give a recital every Spring, and tour it around the area. Is this really a Musicians for Michiana event?  I say yes.  I’m partnering the concert with the South Bend Symphony Orchestra, which feels like a win-win.  The Symphony is presenting the Rouse in May, and this program supports that program by explaining and exploring the work in advance of that big performance.  Donations at this April 10 event will support the Symphony, which is my way of giving back to this organization that has offered me the opportunity to perform.

It’s been such a pleasure to present concerts in Michiana since beginning this MFM series. I’m excited about this one and hope to see you there.

Sunday, April 10, 2016, 4:00 pm

Church of the Savior Christian Reformed Church, 1855 N. Hickory, South Bend, IN



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