The Magic Of Community

Let me tell you some things you may not know about this Sunday’s concert.

  1.  Britten’s Six Metamorphoses After Ovid is the most visual, cinematic piece I know that does not actually incorporate visual effects.  What does it sound like when a weeping queen is transformed into stone? Or when three prissy, prudish sisters are vengefully turned into bats?  I know, and you’ll find out. Get great bonuses on the site with cassino brasil. Limited offer.
  2. St Margaret’s House has done a major renovation of their third floor and this event will celebrate its grand opening.
  3. Mozart’s Oboe Quartet was written in 1781 for Friedrich Ramm, the only oboist in Munich who could play the multiple “high Fs” in the work.
  4. Three of the four musicians on this program will be performing Brahms and Respighi with the South Bend Symphony Saturday night; the fourth, also an SBSO member, has a Mendelssohn concert to play instead.  We are active, working professional musicians and we all made the time to rehearse together and to perform for you this Sunday!
  5. The Catherine Wheel, by David Ludwig, has a movement about a torture device and a movement about fireworks! We, however, are performing the other movement, the one about cathedrals and meditation.
  6. Our progression through this concert, from one player up to four, symbolizes people coming together in a community, much as women do here at St Margaret’s House.
  7. Our Dohnanyi and Halvorsen works were written/published around the turn of the 20th century. Dohnanyi was 26, Halverson was 30.  Both pieces use a form that was used in earlier periods (baroque passacaglia/ classical serenade)
  8. Halvorsen described his work as being “after Handel” because the fundamental thematic material is derived from the passacaglia and sarabande movements of Handel’s 1720 Harpsichord Suite No. 7. In his version, Halvorsen transforms the keyboard music into a duo for violin and viola that maintains the solemn eight-bar progression of the original, yet extends it with a number of techniques dear to the hearts of string players: double-stops, pizzicato, and dazzling runs.

  9. The concert is AT St. Margaret’s House, 117 N. Lafayette Blvd, our first time performing in this space.  It’s at 2:00 EST, hours and hours before the big game.  There will be refreshments afterward.  Everyone is welcome.

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