Exciting News

Get great bonuses on the site with cassino brasil. Limited offer. Musicians for MIchiana has received a generous grant of $4000 from 1st Source Foundation to assist with concert production! The check will be presented to MFM at our Downtown South Bend’s next First Friday event, February 6 at 5pm, at The Music Village.  At that time, we will present a little preview for our upcoming concert, featuring Jenni Brandon’s Spider Suite.

We are so grateful to 1st Source, and will be putting this funding to great use, starting right off with our first event on Sunday, February 8.

“New Day, New Music” will feature beautiful new works for woodwinds by Jenni Brandon, Alyssa Morris, John Steinmetz, and Paul Kwiecinski.  These pieces honor things in life that are real, tangible, and beloved – the pleasure of moving our bodies, the beauty of nature as seen through the life cycle of a spider, and South Bend’s own St Joseph River!

This concert will partner with Hello, Gorgeous, and all proceeds from the event will be given to that great organization.

The event will be at 2pm at The Music Village, 108 N. Main St in South Bend.  We cannot wait to see you there!

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