Our Final Concert is coming up

Here’s a link to the Facebook Event.

And here is all the information you need.  Sunday, May 4, at 2pm, at The Music Village, 108 N. Main St, South Bend.

The Colors of Music

Even a small group of woodwinds can create a huge number of colors and textures. We feature these diverse instruments in an exciting event supporting Girls on the Run.  Composers will include Jenni Brandon and South Bend’s own Steve Ingle.

At its heart, Girls on the Run is about inspiring young girls to grow up as strong, empowered individuals, and to believe in themselves. In this interactive concert we will talk about principals of leadership and teamwork, and allow the audience to determine our program order.


As always, there is no set admission fee – you Pay What You Like, and all proceeds go to Girls on the Run Michiana.

We have great woodwind musicians in Martha Councell-Vargas, Jason Kramer, Trevor O’Riordan, and Jennet Ingle.

The concert will be FUN, INTERACTIVE, and SHORT.  There’s nothing not to love.  Please join us!

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