Beginning of the Season

It’s been a whirlwind, it really has. Since December 1, when I last updated you, so much has happened!

We met our fundraising goal – YAY! We did not get the grant we had applied for – BOO!  We trimmed our budget to the bone and headed forward.

The Music Village, our partner and our VENUE, was flooded – BOOOO! They were able to move into temporary offices in the same lovely building and everything will proceed as planned.  Come to the building, we’ll direct you to the concert!

We lost one of our musicians to an outside obligation – BOO!  We changed the program to accommodate the change in personnel and moved on. 

Steve Ingle completed two terrific arrangements for the group – YAY!  We had three solid rehearsals in two days this past weekend – YAY!  We lost a graphic designer, found another one, and developed a gorgeous poster which should be EVERYWHERE in the next few days. 

Our first concert is coming up in less than two weeks – Sunday, February 2 at 2pm.  The music is beautiful, meaningful, and exciting.  Our Partner, Unity Gardens, is an amazing organization which is truly worth supporting. I’m just as nervous and delighted as I can be with this project. 

Please come!  Spread the word, tell everyone, look for our posters and flyers around town, be in touch with us, be happy, enjoy!

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